Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Excerpt – #Harder Than The Rest by Shirleen Davies @ShirleenDavies

Will sat in his room at the boarding house, looking at a poster of the man he would go after next. Groups were his preference—two, three, four—didn’t matter, he just preferred going after more men than spending his time on only one. But this one was different. This was the one he needed to get. Maybe then he could put the past behind him, at last.

Emily. His heart always twisted when he thought of his wife and their unborn child. How different his life would have been if she were still here.

He sank deeper into the bed, rested his arm over his eyes, and thought of that one horrific day that had driven him across three territories, a couple of states, and might eventually lead him to hell.

Harder Than The Rest

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Genre – Western Historical Romance

Rating – PG-13

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  1. Thanks very much for sponsoring my book on your blog today. It's a challenge for authors to gain support and get the message out to the reading public. Your support goes a long way in making this happen!

    Feedback on Harder than the Rest has been beyond my expectations. I love to receive feedback and I'm happy to reply to any comments posted by your readers.

    Best to you and your readers!