Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dangerously Hers by A.M. Griffin @AMGriffinbooks #LovingDangerously

Dangerously Hers
Short Excerpt 
A.M. Griffin
He inhaled sharply. “I can smell you.” Then he let his gaze drop to crotch.
Her hands instinctively dropped to shield herself.
She gasped as he dropped to his knees. “What are you doing?”
He wrapped his arms around her and cradled her ass. Her mouth dropped open as he nuzzled his nose between her thighs. “I can take care of this…you.”
She dug her nails into his shoulder blades. Should she push him away or keep him where he was?
He made a sound so animalistic. So hot and sexy that it made her pussy respond in ways she didn’t want it to.
“That’s it.” He sniffed into her.
His fingers worked in unison to massage her ass, all the while pulling her onto his face. She tried to stand her ground even when she rocked to her toes.
He looked up to her with eyes smoldering with heat. “Can I do it Jess?”
She blinked, trying to remember his question. “Do…do what?”
“Lick you until you until you come.”
Oh God.
Her knees buckled.
“I want to taste you. I want to bury my face in your pussy. I want to…to…” Growling, he bit her.
Dangerously Hers
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Genre - Science fiction
Rating – R
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