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J B McCauley – Why Book Covers are So Important @MccauleyJay

Why Book Covers are So Important

Book covers are just as important as the words that are held within them. They are the front door to your story. Without a good entrance no one will want to come in. No one will want to read its pages. No one will experience the story you want to tell.

It really does depend on the market audience you want to reach though. Slushy romance novels always seem to have misty pictures of characters buffed, cut and polished just like in the Bold and The Beautiful. Thrillers seem to have inanimate objects like guns, handcuffs, rope and all the paraphernalia that goes along with such a tale. The aim of a good book cover is to identify the genre of your story without undermining the integrity of its contents. That’s if you want your story to be taken seriously.

If you are not concerned about how your work is perceived then the book cover will not be important to you. Potential customers will see this and feel that if you have not paid very much attention to the first thing they see, then that’s they will expect inside.

I designed my own book cover after using the services of several artists who I felt would be best served to do my book cover justice. In the end though, because they didn’t have any association with the book, I felt they lacked the passion needed to represent my work. I did initially flirt with the idea of using drawn imagery as opposed to photography but in the end I was so thrilled with the images that I was able to collect that I stayed with the abstract realism of the cover you see today.

I did have several book covers ready to go and put them before focus groups to see which one had the best effect. The one you see representing the King of Sunday Morning now is the one that was proved to be most popular. When you see it staring out at you from the bookshelf you cannot help but notice it. It is impressive to say the least.

King of Sunday Morning

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