Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shadows of Truth by Angie Robinson @angierobinson90

Excerpt: Shadows of Truth

“I keep having disturbing dreams.” I shifted uncomfortably in my chair as I thought of the dreams that had been waking me this week. I looked around at the other patrons to read their faces. It fascinated me to think of the story behind couples snuggling on the bench or the mom chasing her daughter on the playground. I didn’t want some stranger trying to interpret my story based on body language so I straightened in my chair and relaxed my crumpled forehead.

“What’s disturbing?”

I leaned over to speak quietly, but kept a smile on my face. “I’m having nightmares every night, just like during my first year of sobriety. Do you think it’s a premonition of something that’s going to happen or something that’s already happened?” My stomach tightened as the familiar whirl of fears filled my head.

“Have you tried writing down what you remember before you get out of bed?”

Shaking my head, I answered, “I have a notebook, but I can’t seem to remember clear details.” I adjusted my glasses, perhaps subconsciously trying to bring the dreams into better view.

“Have you considered talking to someone about dream interpretation? I know someone who does that if you’re interested.” She pulled out an orange leather business card holder, easily located the card she wanted and handed it to me. “Nola Raymond. She’s great at reconstructing dreams.” She nodded her head and raised her eyebrows with a half smile as if she were remembering a story about Nola.

“Dream interpretation?” I said, smirking. I took the card cautiously, hesitant to trust a stranger, but thinking it would be interesting. After slipping the card into the outside pocket of my purse, I leaned back in my chair and caught a glimpse of the ducks floating happily on the pond across the street. Breathing slowly, allowing all the worries and stresses to flow out, I exhaled; serenity filled me as I inhaled, imagining myself floating freely and carelessly.

A child’s shrill cry from the playground pulled me instantly out of my peaceful state and I shot upright in my chair, nearly tipping my coffee. The sound triggered a flashback to my dreams and sent a chill racing up the back of my neck and splaying out across my head. Dream interpretation? I wanted dream obliteration! I didn’t want to see or feel those images again.

Shadows of Truth

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Genre - Women’s Contemporary Fiction

Rating – PG-13

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