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Living in Grace: The Shift to Spiritual Perception by Beca Lewis @becalewis

Section One

Spiritual Perception

Chapter One: Perception Produces Reality

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

—William Blake

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if everything you ever thought came true? You could think of true love and within moments the doorbell would ring and your personal true love would be standing on the doorstep, ready and able to begin to live a life full of love just with you. Perhaps you would think of having more money than you could ever spend, and once again the doorbell would ring and on the doorstep would be a box full of money.

The truth is we do have our thoughts come true. So why don’t we have all we’ve ever wanted? Why are so many of our lives filled with “quiet desperation”? Why don’t we live with constant unlimited abundance?

Perception produces reality and what is perceived to be reality magnifies.

The answer is powerful and simple. We receive in our lives exactly what we believe to be true and what we believe we deserve. In order to live the life we were meant to live we must change our point of view and focus on the Truth of our Being.

All shifts are a decision to change a point of view. The Spiritual Shift is the continuous moment-by-moment personal, conscious, choosing of Spiritual Reality over the cramped, limited belief in many personal realities. It is the decision not to believe or act out of duality or separation.

As we are willing to choose to become conscious of, and remain in the awareness of Grace, our ego-based small-i thoughts disappear and are replaced by Divine Mind’s Thoughts. As a result, we recognize the material universe, as it really is—Spiritual Reality—and who we really are, the reflection of the One.

Isn’t it a perfect time to follow your irresistible movement toward the Divine and yield to the State of Grace?

What will happen as you read this book? There is no guarantee that your life will be better. There is no guarantee that money will flow in the door and everybody will love you. This is not “no-work” solution to the problems in your life. Choosing spiritual consciousness makes great demands upon us.

What will happen is that you will find a focus that will make world success both meaningless and a natural event. Your life will change. Not because you want it to, not because you are trying to prove something, fix something, or get better at something.

It will change because you have chosen to take the time to do the only important thing in life. You have chosen to take the time to change your focus and build your own personal inner conviction of the existence of the State of Grace.

Possibilities are an outgrowth of a Shift of Perception to what is beautiful, good and true. Life is abundant when we celebrate it from the Source and not from the outcome.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

—Mahatma Gandhi

The world is now too dangerous for anything less than Utopia.

—R. Buckminster Fuller

On this planet there are something like five billion human beings, so there are five billion perceptions of reality. Everyone can be looking at the same object, but seeing it very differently…. One’s perspectives, one’s view of things determines…how one experiences change, life, and the purpose of life.

—Dalai Lama, Gathering Sparks

Small r reality or big R Reality?

Belief systems are now being defined in the language of physics and other sciences. But science is not saying anything new. It is simply restating those views that were understood in different words and symbols thousands of years ago.

—Bob Tober, Space Time and Beyond

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.

—Alan Alda

I remember when I first became really interested in what I call big R Reality. When I was about seven years old I was in the neighbors’ yard playing ball with their dog. The ball was a large white softball and the grass had just been mowed. It was early evening and I knew that I had to be home before the streetlights went on, but I pushed the time limit by throwing the ball up one more time. Neither the dog nor I saw it come down. I was worried, because being late was not an option. The dog and I ran all over the yard looking for the ball. If I had been a dog, I would have been barking as frantically as he was. Finally, I stopped in the middle of the yard, put my hands on my hips stomped my foot and said, “OK God, I know you know where this ball is, so I want to see it right now!” I looked down and the ball was at my foot.

I had no time to be surprised. Instead, I snatched up the ball and ran home. Later, when I had a chance to think about it I asked myself…“Hummm, did that ball come out of a Twilight Zone episode?” You know, where each scene of our life is constructed “back stage.” Perhaps someone had forgotten to put the ball back into that scene, and added it when I asked to see it. Or…was that ball always there and I just couldn’t see it because of my state of mind?” My seven-year-old brain did not phrase it quite that way, but that was the essence of the question.

I have come to see that the ball was already there. My state of mind kept me from seeing it just as our state of mind and a belief system sees through the hole of our point of view rather than seeing the whole of what is already ours, already present.

Living In Grace

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