Monday, September 16, 2013

SILVER: The Lost & Damned (Part One) by Keira Michelle Telford

Silver 1
The first part of BOOK TWO in THE SILVER SERIES.

In an over-populated, post-apocalyptic city on the brink of internal collapse, Silver is a banished Hunter with a grudge.

Accused of crimes she didn't commit, branded a traitor and left for dead, she's spent the last six years struggling to survive in a prison district filled with murderers, thieves and rapists. Biding her time, reluctantly earning a living for herself as an executioner, she finally seizes an opportunity for redemption when a prolific serial killer evades capture.

She makes a deal with the Chief of Police, who promises her repatriation if she can catch the elusive culprit before he strikes again -- and she can't afford to screw this up. Success means more than a long overdue reprieve. It's a chance to take back the life she was so unfairly torn away from, and to reclaim the love of a man who's possessed her heart for more than twenty years -- Alexander King. The only problem is: he thinks she's dead.

Determined to make good on her deal with the Police Division so that she might salvage a future for them both, Silver prepares herself for the unthinkable: to forge an alliance with the man responsible for her banishment -- the city's corrupt Governor, Phaeden Rist.

Yet, this was never about a run-of-the-mill criminal on a routine killing spree. Misled from the very beginning, Silver stumbles into a century-old conspiracy that threatens to destroy everything she thought she knew about the genetic divide between humans and the monsters that prey upon them -- the grotesque, flesh-eating Chimera.

SILVER: The Lost & Damned (Part One) is the second installment in the Silver Series, following on from the novella Acheron (A River of Pain).

Set more than 300yrs in the future, the Silver Series takes place in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world where humans are a species on the brink of extinction. No longer at the top of the food chain, humans are preyed upon by the Chimera -- genetic mutants that outnumber humankind 25:1.

And Ella 'Silver' Cross is a Hunter -- the best in the city. She'll risk her life in the pursuit of a human resurgence on Earth. The question is: will you join her?


***Content advisory: Contains graphic language and violence.***

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Genre – Dystopian Sci-Fi
Rating – 18+
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