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The Tales of Nick: The Seduction of Sera by Steve Wilhelm


Chapter One

It all started out so innocently, with my best friend, Barry and I enjoying the hour-long ferry ride from Bremerton to Seattle to attend my first book signing event. We could have taken the shorter Kingston-Edmonds ferry, then driven the I-5 south to the city, but we thought, why spend so much extra time in the car when we could be relaxing on a boat, savoring the fresh, soothing salt water tainted breezes as they exhilarated the soul!

“So, are you at all nervous?” Barry asked as I adjusted my sunglasses against the glare of the morning sun. I was able to see his stature much better, as he was not looking at me eye-to-eye. Barry was a burly sort, in better shape than I, but not a sculpted mass of muscle. Nothing to sneeze at and the girls always noticed those arms of his. He worked hard at the gym for those, as well as his gluts, unlike me, but his beer drinking had his stomach looking like a three-pack instead of the P90x six pack. Barry had a great tan, the biggest blue eyes and a head of blonde curly hair that always looked carefree. He was carefree, yet smart as a whip at a moment’s notice. Barry was my best friend. He knew me inside and out, and was there for me . . . always.

“Dude, are you really trying to psych me out? I thought your role here was to ensure things went smoothly and not let me go off the deep end!” I gave Barry a look of counterfeit seriousness and then laughed. “Anyway,” I mused. “I came to the conclusion a while ago it’s really not much different than signing yearbooks back in high school.” Despite what I’d just said, Barry knew me well enough to know that I was still yet a bit nervous. Barry had a unique quality about him. This ability he possessed could cause the fear in a person seem to turn into silliness. I was tense and he knew this. Barry was my soothing balm, yet at times the spur in both of my heels. The Velvet Underground song, ‘I’m Sticking With You,’ describes Barry. Through thick and thin, he was stuck by me.

“Not to worry, I think you’ll do just fine. My bet is you are in possession of nerves of steel,” Barry responded, almost flippantly though with admiration as he took a sip of water from his BPA FREE water bottle. “You, my good sir, are a better man than I. I seriously don’t think I would be half as calm as you appear to be.”

“No, I don’t think that’s it at all. I’m just in better control of my emotions now. I know, another time ago, the old me would have undoubtedly downed the third shot of my liquid medication in preparation of this event,” I said smiling.

“Oh, God,” Barry said morosely, most likely anticipating another drive down pity lane.

“No worries, my friend,” I said. I wasn’t about to waste time revisiting those days and those ways. “I’m in a much better place now.”

“Yes, you are,” Barry agreed. “Changing the subject, I think you might have an admirer!”

“What are you talking about?”

“You obviously haven’t noticed, but there is someone who seems to be quite interested in you.”

I moved closer to Barry in order to hear him, as the wind picked up. It was difficult to clearly hear what he was saying with the wind whirling with such force. A lovely sound, really but it was a little much for casual conversation. I noticed a colony of seagulls was swooping and circling gleefully around some children who discovered the fun of tossing bread pieces to them. Such joy the children were having. Why, as adults do we often dismiss nature’s way and nature’s beauty? I thought to myself,

“Nick, you need to notice the simple things more often. Pay attention to your surroundings.” It was almost as though someone had whispered those words in my ear. Now I had to hear about this “Admirer.”

“Really? Where is she?” I asked, honestly intrigued, and not knowing why I assumed it was a she.

When my book was published, I entertained the idea of what it would be like if I were to actually become a recognized celebrity. I knew I never wanted to be like a lot of famous people in the spotlight who treated their fans with disregard, who acted like they were God’s gift to mankind. I would always strive to treat my admirers with complete respect. I would happily sign autographs, give interviews, attend fundraisers and the like with genuine interest and zest. After all, if my fans spent their hard earned money on my books and spent their time to read what I’ve produced, shouldn’t I be just as respectful? If it weren’t for my readers, I wouldn’t be selling books. I would never give anyone cause to think I was ungrateful. This could be the start of a new and exciting life, I thought to myself.

I looked at Barry, as I waited for his reply. I saw he was staring at the seagulls, and I was fascinated at the faraway look on his face.

“Are you now communicating with the gulls? Should I get you some bread to throw to them?” I laughed good-naturedly.

“No,” he said suddenly, looking at me with a mock scowl. “Though I do sometimes marvel at how they just seem to float in the air, following the ferry with ease, almost without even trying.”

“That’s easy,” I immediately responded. “It’s the food. They see people on the boat and they know from experience, or instinct, the people will toss food to them. Just the same way I know you’ll tell me where my ‘admirer’ is!”

“Oh, yeah,” Barry said as he looked around the crowded boat deck. “She’s over there, by the door to the stairs.”

The Tales of Nick

Nick Ambrose, aspiring author and recovering alcoholic is on the verge of success. His first book is a hit and opening doors for him. He’s met Sera, young, beautiful and seems to be the girl of his dreams. Life is good. What could possible go wrong?

“Dark, cold, trembling. Where was I? I shook my head and slowly the black turned to a dull grey. I opened my eyes and strained to see something – anything. My head throbbed as if a ping hammer was constantly pounding from the inside. The more I concentrated and tried to focus, the more I felt the pain in my head. It was overwhelming, and there seemed nothing I could do to overcome it. Why was I hurting so? The tumultuous angst was indescribable. I seemed totally immobilized, body, mind and soul. Where could I obtain help? Was there anyone out there?”

Barry, Nick’s best friend is MIA and Nick now finds himself all alone. Demons from his past now come crashing into the fray, challenging all that Nick has worked so hard for. Could even Houdini find an escape from the binds that tie?

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Genre - Thriller/Romance

Rating – R

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