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Altors (Zinc Trilogy) by Nastasia Peters

    * * * * Notes the end of a scene
    ~~~~~~~~ Notes the beginning of a flashback
    Altors = Guardian
    Regius = Royal
    Pallium = Veiled One
    1. Narrator
    Zinc was a world shaped out of three islands: a small one, a medium one, and a large one. The sea, called Zinc Sea, surrounding these three islands was so vast, it led the population to believe Zinc was a world of its own, not questioning what lay beyond the horizon as those who had left never came back. They were assumed to have lost their lives in the dangers that lived under the surface of the turquoise colored waters. Although Zinc was definitely not impressive in size, its problems were. This world had issues so grand, three of the four types of people felt the need to keep the other clueless.
    It all began when the people now known as the Regius were granted the gift of blue blood. It is said they lied to those who created Zinc in order to obtain this power. Now stronger than all others that resided in this world, they conquered Zinc's regions and overthrew its peacefulness. As their blood was now blue, it poisoned their compassion and many aspects of their humanity. Cruelty was what the Civilians living under the Regius' rule had to face. Had the Regius not lied to obtain the gift of strength, maybe it would not have come to stab them in their backs. And it was not how their inner systems had changed that was considered to be the punishment, but instead it was the new species that came into being. Children, part Regius and part Civilian, were born. Although not as strong as the Blue Bloods themselves, these hybrids had not lost their compassion or humanity, thus gaining the respect and love of those weaker.
    The hybrids sought one another out, creating a rebellion to remove the Regius leader, the King of Zinc, from his throne. They wished to restore this world to its former glory, regaining peace, and installing a lifestyle where the Civilians would not have to fear bringing new children into the world. Did the war between the Regius and the hybrids start because the rebellion tried to remove the Blue Blood ruler from his throne, pushing out the cruelty that he harbored within even further? Or did the war between the two clans begin because the Regius King lied in the first place, creating the rebellion by accident as a consequence to his bad deed? While the second, of course, seemed more likely, another question needed to be asked. Who or what had dangled such great power before the eyes of a man, whose greed for more was so overwhelming, it compelled him to lie and obtain said strength?
    Maybe the entity who'd enticed the people now known as Regius was the one to blame. Of course, those three questions weren't asked among the people of Zinc any longer. The war's origin had fallen into the category of 'unknown' throughout history. It did not matter who had started it and why; what was of importance now, was who was going to win.
    While the Regius wished to keep their reign over the regions of this world, the rebellion never relented in trying to keep all those living under the Blue Bloods safe, and hopefully one day, free from the cruel crown. Although the war had not been won, victory still unclaimed, both parties realized that as they fought one another, the collateral damage that was done to the Civilians became far too important. So many lives were lost, that the Regius realized if they kept attacking the rebellion, not caring about who was in their way, they may keep their throne, but they would lose the subjects to rule over. As for the rebellion, retaliating so violently so as not to give the Blue Bloods the upper hand, they came to realize that they nearly lost their way.

    Following the murder of their legal guardian, two best friends suffer the thing they fear most, separation. Solenum and Calycanthus must each take daring paths to find their way back to one another, and as they do so, they will uncover the secrets their land has been hiding beneath a carefully constructed facade for centuries.
    An underground war is taking place, kept hidden from the public eye by those called the Altors and Regius. Although unaware at first of what their involvement brings to the people of Zinc, Calycanthus close proximity to the Altors allows him to uncover parts of the truth, creating an important turning point that may just be the kick the Altors need to beat the Regius. But it is Solenum who will find the possible key that can lead to a peaceful future.
    Is Galax an exception to the rule that says all Regius are cruel? Will Solenum be able to show him that he may just be the example everyone needs in order to end the hidden turmoil? Meanwhile, can Calycanthus figure out the intentions of the mysterious man named Datura?
    New friendships are made and love is found as the two best friends work hard on finding their way back to one another throughout a world they’d always lived in, but was a mystery up until now.
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    Genre – Fantasy / Young Adult
    Rating – PG
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