Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Almost A Senior by Brenda Faye Collie

“My customers are my children.” She had smiled proudly. Then she reached for a picture of one of her customer’s sons and I saw a lot of pictures on that side of the desk. I quickly stood.

“Do you need help straightening up? Putting papers away? Dusting your pictures?”

“You looking for after school work as a receptionist?”

The telephone rang and she talked about insurance policy stuff. When she hung up, she stood and went over to a small refrigerator. She took out two colas.

“Sit. Sit.” She encouraged.

I sat and wondered if the soda would outlast the stories that went with her customer’s children.

“My Mama needs a job,” I blurted out quickly.

“What does she do now?”

“She a barmaid.”

“Maybe I can use her. This place can use some sprucing up.”

I looked around at the two desks full of papers and three file cabinets with paper piled high. There were boxes in the corners. Various shoe boxes with such years as 1990, 1989 and even 1975, before I was born. My Mama, who goes through our apartment every Christmas holiday like a tornado, cause I clean the rest of the time, would feel like everyday was Christmas here. I could hear Mama telling Miss Crumb that the dingy and tattered curtains would just have to go. Mama would have this office looking like a Madison Avenue office like you see on television.

“My Mom is a hard worker.”

Miss Crumb grabbed her cane from behind her chair and stood. I hadn’t seen the cane before. When she walked, she didn’t limp. I guessed it was just for balance. She dug in a box and pulled out her checkbook.

“Here it is.”

She signed the check and lifted the fading desk blotter and pulled out two business cards.

“Have your Mama come by Friday at 10 o’clock.”

I stared at the card that had the name of the business which was named after her husband Edward. Her name, Sylvia, was at the bottom. I felt proud of the slogan which said, “We Aim To Serve The Black Community.” I made a half page sale. And I could hear the CD music. I rushed home to catch Mama before she went to work.

Almost A Senior is the story of the soon to be 17 year-old, Loresha Evans, a junior at a fictitious Harlem high school who has just been elected student body president. The book boasts greatcharacterizations. She learns from the difficulty of leading a reluctant student council and non-caring student body the importance of patience and diplomacy. She also learns the importance and benefits of doing one’s civic duty.Loresha’s social status changes and she becomes a member of the school’s “in crowd.” The price is the loss of her best friend. She experiences her first love. But is he right for her? Loresha’s time in office brings herface-to-face with school politics and personal challenges.

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Genre – Young Adult

Rating – PG

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